I quit……..

I recently quit my job. I did this for one simple reason I was not happy …….. Clarifaction I was literally miserable. The beginning of 2016 I slowly started to do more things for myself. I began working out more and I started engaging more in activities that I found interest in. I  removed negative people  from my life and I made a few new friends who better aligned with. I  started back working on getting my degree.  I was financially stable and did not have much worries but a big part of me still was not happy.

Everyday Monday through Friday I was getting up going to a job that I hated. I had been working in my current industry for 8 years and although I was good at what I did I just was not happy. I actually hated my job and because of that I found it hard to wake up every morning and every night I could not sleep because I was anticipating the next day. I knew that the only way for me to get my mind back on track was to quit.  Quitting seemed to extreme. I mean you dont just up and quit a job especially with nothing lined up. Especially in this economy ! But as more time passed I had to ask myself what was more important at the end of the day ? What was it that I valued more ? Was the paycheck I was receiving worth more than my sanity?  NO ………….

There are alot of us in situations that are mentally draining us but, we are holding onto them for some sense of security. For me it was my job. For some it might be a relationship or some other sort of situation.  I told myself awhile ago that nothing is worth my peace of mind. But sometimes we are the ones holding ourselfs back. In my case I was the only one holding myself back. I was so afraid of the uknown and the what ifs, that in addition to being miserable with my situation I was creating my own personel hell because I was in constant conflict with my mind.

Now its important to remember that no situation is perfect and there are always going to be rough days in no matter what situation you find yourself in . It is always important to ask yourself is the good outweighing the bad and also to see if your current situation is impeding your personal growth. Also it is important to remember that in order to gain sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice. For me quitting my job and taking on a lower paying less taxing one meant that I had to be willing to sacrifice financially.

But guess what ?! It is only temporary and  without such a wearing obstacle in my way such as a career that I dredge I am way more clear headed and I am able to better work on myself and my long term plan and ,most importantly I am happy.



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