Technology and dating the good , the bad , the ugly

apple-iphone-smartphone-desk.jpgIs the digital age killing courtship or is it just simply redefining it ?  It has been said by many that in this day and age the personal touch has vanished from dating.

The Good 

As technology evolves our ways of communicating increases . With all these new ways of communicating it is easier than ever to stay in never ending contact with your loved one. Thinking about your boo?  Send them a text. See something funny you want to share with your hunny mid day ? Take a quick video and share it with them on Snapchat or Instagram. For long distant couples video chatting makes it easier to feel closer to a mate. Technology has also made it easier for busy singles to meet possible love interest. Life can make it hard to go out and meet new people. There is already not enough time for the regular day to day task ,let alone time for the spontaneous act of meeting a stranger and, striking up a conversation in hopes of it leading to a date . Now a days we can easily “swipe and click ” our way to a prospective date. Online dating sites have made it easier for busy people to find a prospective mate with apps that we can use anywhere and anytime we have a free moment. According to as of July 1, 2016 52.4% of male online dating users and 47.6% of female . These numbers are not bad considering how many times have you gone somewhere hoping to possibly meet someone and noticed that one of the sexes greatly outnumbered the other .

The Bad and The Ugly 

Although making things easier, technology has also made people  significantly more lazy. Long gone are the days where people heading out on a date would greet each other at the door. The “I’m outside ” text is now fairly common practice. Also it can be very hard to start a conversation with someone if they are constantly on their phone, browsing the Internet , and constatly checking and updating their social media accounts. Nothing is sacred in the digital age not even sitting down to dinner as some people feel the need to take a picture of every meal. How annoying is it to be out trying to have an intimate dinner and you have to wait for the other person to take a picture of everything before the two of you can begin eating. Especially after you already earlier had to wait for them in the car to get the perfect selfie . Technology has made it easier for us to share and overshare. Now a days people are more into building there online presence and online relationships than building a rapport and relationship with the person in front of them.  Face to face and more personal levels of communication are more things that suffer in the digital age. People put more time into picking the right emoticon than picking the right words to say to convey how they feel. Another major downfall of the digital age is the distraction it can cause from truly learning about your partner on a deeper level. If you are new to dating someone and constantly find yourself distracted with your phone or whatever device you might have handy when the two of you are together you are most likely not that intuned with the other person. Dating is all about learning the other and a big part of learning about someone is also picking up on there behavioral cues . Sometimes people are to shy or nervous to verbally tell you what there really feeling but they can inadvertently “show you” with their body language and tone .These are things that can only be noticed by an attentive person during a physical in face interaction . There are just certain things that no means of technology will ever be able to display when it comes to human interaction and displays of emotion.

At the end of the day ,yes things are a lot different in regards to dating and courtship but I would not say that technology is the direct cause of some of the negativity that has come about as a result of the times changing . We are not forced to behave in a certain way and partake in certain activities we choose them. If you allow technology to change how you interact in your courtship , dating life or relationships that is up to you. But we can not blame it for the shortcomings of the dating society. Most technology is used to enhance our daily lives but if you find that (in this case) your dating life is suffering becuase of it I think we are going to have to conclude that it is user error .

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