The “Natural” Women Debate


I am sick of this divide between natural and “non-natural ” women. This is an argument that I am beginning to see more and more especially among the black community. It really is a disgust to me to even use that term non-natural. Just because a woman chooses to accessorize herself with makeup, extensions, weaves or whatever, does not make her any less natural than the girl who chooses to go bare face and rock her God given hair.

A woman is a woman period. The fact is any human being born as a woman is the true definition of a natural woman. What she does with her hair, body or face does not determine her authenticity, beauty or lack thereof.  If your attraction is not towards certain things about another person that does not mean that it is not attractive it is simply not attractive to you. It is sad when I look online and see black men saying that women who wear weaves or whatever type of enhancements are not beautiful. No that’s strictly that persons’ opinion and preference.

For some reason, there always is the need to put labels and separate each other. (For example, remember a few years back when everyone was hollering about Team Light Skin vs Team Dark Skin).  I have heard women put other women down for not being “natural” and vice versa. I have heard women who favor make up call those who do not basic bitches. I have heard women who do not where any enhancements call those who do insecure. Why is it that in celebration of ourselves we must put others down?

Depending on how I feel one day you may catch me with a weave, make-up, false eyelashes the whole nine yards. The next week you may see me with my fro or my bun and a bare face. It all depends on what mode I am in at any given time. Both ways I am equally beautiful and if a person does not see that I really could care less. When I get “dolled up” I am not doing it for anyone, nor am I trying to fool anyone of my appearance I am simply doing what makes me feel good in that moment.

Right now, I am proud to see more glorification of black women and acceptance of their God given beauty. However why is it seen as inspiration for someone just being who they are. All women should be viewed as beautiful and an inspiration not just a certain group of them based on any sort of physical appearance.


I am a woman who uplifts others and tries to promote positivity so do you mean to tell me that because of the way I wear my hair sometimes or the fact that I wear make-up makes me any less inspiring. Do my words and actions have less weight due to my appearance?

At the end of the day everyone has their right to their own opinion and likes about how they choose to carry themselves without being persecuted by those who feel differently.


5 thoughts on “The “Natural” Women Debate

  1. definitelylorna says:

    I’m from Africa and in my part of the world, I’ve heard men complain about not liking women with weaves. I have my own personal reasons for ditching the weaves but I do admire nicely done ones that are easy to manage.
    Moving on to make up. I noticed that those who don’t do nor value make up are always quick to bash those who do and value make up. I do not like badly done make up. I admire nicely done make up with products that work well with my skin type.
    And in as much as I rarely do make up, I do not bash those wearing nicely done make up. It’s always a personal choice for a woman to determine how she would like to look.
    If you love natural, you don’t have to bash what you consider unnatural. If you love made up, you don’t have to bash what you consider natural.
    We all just need to learn to appreciate individual preferences and desist from forcing our personal views down people’s throughts. That’s simply downright selfish.


    • Her Idle Mind says:

      Your last statement said it perfectly ! “We all just need to appreciate individual preferences ………..” This is what I try to tell people when I hear them say things like girls with make up are unattractive or girls with natural hair are unattractive . One way isn’t right and one way isn’t wrong. It is all about personal preference but don’t put the other group down.

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