Reciprocated Love

Dating can be so tough. Sometimes we find someone who has all the qualities we are looking for and they treat us great. BUT!!! You don’t share the same desire for them as they do for you. I am pretty sure we have all been or at one point will be in a situation similar to this . They are perfect but just not perfect for you. 

This can really just flat out suck especially if you are actively dating and on a journey to find someone special.  

I have been in this situation before. I have had a guy who treated me very well and sincerely made me feel like I was the only woman in the world and one of the most beautiful woman he ever laid his eyes on. He was attentive and very caring but at the end of the day I just did not share that excitement for him as he did for me. I went along with it for awhile thinking he’s great this can work but ultimately I had to be honest with myself and him. I told him the truth that I thought he was wonderful but I just didn’t see him in the same way he saw me . 

It was not easy letting go of a good man who absolutely adored me and loved me the way he did but in the long run I know I did the right thing. Relationships are so much better when both people feel equally the same about each other. Yes a person might be good to you and  check off everything on your list but do you really want to settle for partial happiness ? 

 I remember feeling so guilty for being involved with that guy and allowing things to go on before I had cut everything off. I would try to do nice things for him to show my appreciation of him but it was not because I just genuinely cared and wanted to do sweet things for him it felt more like I was paying him back in a way for all he would do for me. And most importantly I didn’t want him to feel used. 

When both people feel the same way about each other no one feels guilty , no one feels used everything is just genuine. You want to do little things, you want to talk to them and spend time with them ,your not just there because that person is just mr or mrs right (on paper) and treats you right. Your there because you genuinely want this person in your life just as much as they want you in theres’ . Your not trying to make it work it just does and it will feel so much better and you will understand the importance and fulfillment of having a love that flows both ways….

6 thoughts on “Reciprocated Love

    • Her Idle Mind says:

      Dearest Janny,

      If you read my about me I explain that I am not a professional and that I speak on things from my personal and external experience. The purpose of MY BLOG is that it’s an outlet for me to write down my thoughts and share relatable content . I’m not here to try to assist anyone I share my experiences. Many people blog for many different reasons and that is mine. We all have different opinions and views on things and my blog is me sharing mine.

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  1. PaperPlanesxx says:

    It’s sad but true. I just recently lost my best friend because I found out he had deep feelings for me. Ive known this guy for 7 years and always viewed him as my brother and I never felt a single bit of attraction towards him. I mean he’s a great guy but I just never felt that way about him.

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    • Her Idle Mind says:

      The worse thing about these situations is when your friends first and end up losing the friendship like your situation. But hopefully sometime will pass and once he is able to feel better about the situation you guys can become friends again on some level. Might not be as strong a bond as before but at least something.


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