Somebody For Everbody 

I may just be a hopeless romantic but I believe there is someone out there for everyone if it’s in the will that’s been laid out for them.
You might be thinking right now

“So then why are so many people single then Nikki if there is someone out there for everyone?  I know plenty of people who are by themselves and who have tried and tried and still have no luck” 

If your thinking that your completely right ,but I’m going to address that right now…  First off stop worrying about everyone else and who they are and are not with. You don’t know their complete story and their situation. They could be single because they may have not found that person yet, or they found them and was not open to the situation because they were to guarded and hurt from previous situations, so they missed out on the right person and will never even know. Or they just messed things up. 

Who knows !!!!!!! There are a gazillion reasons for their situation. But that’s not your business and no reason for you to be pessimistic about finding that person who makes you happy. If you know you want to be in a happy healthy relationship one day you probably should surround yourself with people who are in the same or want the same . We all know misery loves company and people who always have negative things to say can ruin your outlook . No need to be around bitter a** Betsy or Bob trying negatively influence you because they can not get it together ! 

Do not let other people’s bad experiences influence your decisions and your path.  

I talk to so many guys and they tell me that it’s hard to meet or talk to women these days because even though they try to approach her respectfully and with good intentions they get the stank face and the women is very standoffish. Now everyone does not deserve your time I comepletely get that but if someone is being respectful maybe give them a minute to hear them out before you give them the boy bye death stare . Don’t go making preconceived notions that this brother is going to be just like the others.  You never know,  someone you never expect might surprise you. 

Being single is a journey. Always be smart , be attentive to people’s actions, be safe and always protect yourself physically ,mentally and emotionally ,but still be open and positive.

I know it’s a lot to ask but it is definitely doable you got this boo don’t trip ! 

                                          Till Next Time,

                                                               – Nikki 

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