About Me

Blahhhhh I hate writing about myself !!!!! 

Hi everyone and welcome! Thanks for stopping by to read about little ole me ! My name is Nicole I guess we can start there . I am a twenty something female living in beautiful L.A.  I love to cook and plan on starting my own catering business (follow my catering page on ig to see what I am up to @nikkiskitchencatering . I am a crazy dog mom and proud!!!!   I am simply just someone who tends to suck in a lot of what I see going on around me. Whether it be through observation of family, friends and associates , from books I read (I love to read) or from things I hear or see in the different media outlets. I am a bit of a private person who tends to keep to herself and my very few friends I’m sure are tired of hearing my ramblings so I decided to start blogging my thoughts.

I AM NOT ANY TYPE OF EXPERT. Nor do I try to claim to be. I am a flawed human like everyone else learning about things in life as I go along. In love I have experienced heartbreak in life I have experienced pain . In my journey of life I have experienced failure and all types of road blocks . However I learn from the mistakes and the mistakes from others and I continue to grow and take the proper moves to correct them . I try to blog about things that I feel others might be going through and need to hear and I try to incorporate what I have learned from my personal and external experiences.


Why I chose the name Her Idle Mind ….

If you knew me and how I am you would know this one was a no brainier ! I tend to spend a lot of times alone in my thoughts and all type of stuff will run through this  brain of mine LOL. I tend to be a bit of an over-thinker so I’m always analyzing something in my brain !